Munay-ki side effects

Munay-ki is a Quechua word that means “love.” In the Andean tradition, Munay ki is understood as a power or energy that is transmitted through the heart. It is said that when we connect with Munay ki, we open ourselves up to limitless possibilities for love and compassion in our lives. Munay-ki is often described READ MORE

What is Munay Ki?

Munay Ki is a Peruvian shamanic practice that is said to promote healing, personal growth and spiritual connection. The practice is based on the belief that the universe is composed of energy that can be used for healing. Munay Ki is said to help people connect with this energy and use it to promote healing READ MORE

Munay ki rites training

What is Munay Ki Rites The Munay Ki rites are a series of nine rites that are meant to heal the earth and the people who live on it. The rites were created by the Q’ero shamans of Peru, and they are meant to bring about a new era of peace and balance. The first READ MORE

Munay ki 13th rite

Munay Ki is a Quechua word meaning “love” or “the power of love.” It is also the name given to an energy healing practice and system of transmitted initiations from the Q’ero shamans of the Andes. The Munay Ki initiations are said to connect you with the energy of the nine Archangels, who act as READ MORE

Munay ki fire ceremony

Munay Ki is a set of nine rites of initiation that are intended to bring about a radical change in the initiate’s energy system and open them up to the experience of Oneness. Munay Ki means “the love that heals.” The rites of Munay Ki are intended to connect the initiate with the nine sacred READ MORE

Bands of power munay ki

What is a band of power munay ki?  A Bands of power munay ki is a protective amulet or charm that is worn around the neck or wrist. It is made up of a colorful ribbon or string that is knotted together to form a loop. The band is traditionally created by a shaman or READ MORE

Munay ki tatoo

Munay Ki Tatoo is a Peruvian shamanic practice that is said to offer the wearer protection, energy, and health. It is said to be a way of marking the body with sacred symbols that offer spiritual protection. The practice is said to be based on the principle that the body is a temple and that READ MORE